Jean Cazals was awarded ‘Best Food Photographer 2012’ as well as other numerous awards. A London based food photographer, he gained his BA Hons. in Visual Communication at the LCP. After a successful decade of portraiture for editorial, advertising and design clients, he had a stint for 2 years shooting commercials. Loving food and travel for years brought him naturally to turn his lens on food and lifestyle which he thoroughly enjoys!

He has shot over 80 books. As an author and photographer Jean was awarded the ‘Gourmand Best Dessert CookBook UK 2013’ award for his book ‘TeaTime’. He also does consultation and advise on book publishing for new projects.

Jean shoots from his Notting Hill London studio when he isn’t travelling overseas for his international clients. His approach is clean, graphic and moody, based on natural light, elegant styling and food presentation. His field of photography covers books but as well as packaging, design, editorial, restaurants websites and advertising.

Honours & Awards
‘Prix Gourmand’ 2001 Best World Food Book ‘Food of Spain & Portugal’ E.Luard
‘James Beard’ Award 2008 Nominee Best Photography ‘Crust’
‘James Beard’ Award 2006 Nominee Best Bread Book ‘Dough’
‘Prix Gourmand’ 2008 Nominee Best Dessert Book ‘Indulge’ Claire Clark
‘Prix Gourmand’ 2008 Nominee Best Bread Book ‘Crust’
‘Guild of Food Writers’ 2008 Nominee Best cookery Book ‘Crust’
‘Glenfiddich’ Award 2006 Nominee Best Photography
‘Prix Gourmand’ 2004 Best Book ‘Cuisine des Brasseries’
‘Prix Gourmand’ 2010 Best French cookbook UK ‘Club Gascon’ rest. in London
‘Prix Gourmand’ 2011 Best Chocolate book UK ‘MELT’
‘Best Food photographer 2012’ sponsored by Pink Lady Apple
‘Prix Gourmand’ 2012 Best Chef’s cook book UK ‘The Square’ rest. London
‘Prix Gourmand’ 2013 Best Food Magazine UK ‘Four’ Mag.- Photo: J.Cazals / Ed.:K. Spencer
‘Prix Gourmand’ 2013 Best Dessert Book UK ‘TeaTime’                                                                                                     ‘Independent Publishers  Award’ 2013 Best Coffee Table Book  ‘Teatime’
‘Best Food Photographer 2016’ sponsored by Pink Lady
‘Best Food Photographer 2017’ sponsored by Pink Lady

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